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Natural Beef

Natural Pasture Raised Beef
This is the big one (And the best value). An entire side of beef, cut, marked, wrapped and frozen, ready for your freezer! Approximate Cutting Yield 65%.           

The 320lb Beef Side Includes:

Quantity Item

4-5Porterhouse Steaks

8-10T-Bone Steaks

6-8Sirloin Steaks

10-12Rib Steaks

4-6Delmonico Ribeye Steaks

6-8Top Round Steaks

10-12Packages Cube Steaks (3 per package)

4-5Sirloin Tip / Rump Roast Combos

4-6Pot Shoulder Roast Combos

6-8Chuck Roast / Eye Round Roast

2Boxes (40 each), Thick and Juicy Patties

10-12Packages Boneless Beef Stew Meat

4-6Packages Charcoal Steaks (2 per package)

601lb Packages Ground Beef

5-6Packages Beef Short Ribs

2Packages Beef Soup Bones

3Packages Bar-B-Q Ribs


Price: 320 Lb Beef Side $1329.00 + Tax

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